Peace And Freedom
Peace And Freedom
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Written as a poem the day after the tragic murder of sixteen children and a teacher in a primary school in Stirlingshire. The tune was added much later, after I had returned to singing from my self-imposed exile. I do not understand, will never understand, why people were given licences to own weapons such as handguns. They have only one purpose - to kill people.

Dunblane       © Bill Prince 1996
What faith I had is gone
I now no longer can believe
With sixteen children slaughtered
Sixteen families left to grieve
No faith can justify the loss
When a gunman goes insane
If God is truly merciful
Where was he at Dunblane?

No overseeing power
Could allow such things to pass
What sin had they committed?
What heinous crime so crass?
No father should know such despair
No mother feel such pain
If God is good; if God is just
Where was he at Dunblane?

There is no God; for if there were
He could not idly stand
To watch those innocents erased
All by a madman's hand
No words, no faith can comfort
The ones who must remain
But if God was in his heaven
He wasn't at Dunblane

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