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Peace And Freedom
Peace And Freedom
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After lots of encouragement (some would call it nagging) I have finally recorded the new album. Keith Kendrick put me in touch with Doug Bailey at WildGoose, and the relaxed atmosphere of the studio, in an idyllic setting on the River Test, were just what I needed. As I am claustrophobic, getting the right location was critical - studios are daunting enough.

The songs and tunes on the album are a fair representation of my current repertoire - some of them I've been singing for over 20 years, while others are very new. Remarkably, Andrew Smith's "Once More" is the first song he has written in over 30 years - he played it to me one afternoon in June '07 and I had to learn it. Since then we have collaborated on a song which is connected to "Once More", but you'll have to see me live to hear that one. The writing process was very different from my usual method - I emailed a chorus to Andrew, he emailed me back some verses, we added more verses and honed it a bit, and all without having to meet! Very Showbiz!

Track Listing:

  • None Of My Business listen
  • Once I Courted A Damsel listen
  • Don't Call Me Tommy Atkins listen
  • Banish Misfortune
  • Salt Of The Earth
  • Dunblane
  • Six Pretty Maids
  • Once More (Joe, Tom, Francis and Bill)
  • Young Squire Of Denes
  • Miss Forbes' Farewell/The Prodigal's Return
  • The People Will Be Free
  • Parson Bell
  • The Temple Of Heaven
  • Robin Hood and the Stranger
  • Politician Blues
  • Peace And Freedom listen

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