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On these pages I will post some of my song lyrics, past and present. If you want more, let me know - although I hope my diction is clear enough not to need too many. If you want to sing the songs, please do - but let people know where you got them from. And let me know, too - it's always good to know that my work is appreciated.


Here are some PowerTab files of guitar tunes that I play, either in performance or just for pleasure. I hope to add more of these, as well as TAB for some songs.

Clicking on the link will download the TAB (.ptb) file, which you can open in PowerTab 1.7, which is a free programme. You will also find information about the tunes and performance notes under the "VIEW" menu in PowerTab.

Take careful note of the tunings in each case. I use several tunings, but for tunes mostly DADGAD and EADEAE, which is a variant of DADGAD.

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